Global stocks ended with the positive week.

Stocks ended with the positive for the week, despite of recent surging of new Covid-19 cases globally and economic uncertainty. U.S major indexes recovered all its previous week declines and posted a weekly gain of around 3%. Nasdaq Index in outperformed within U.S Indexes. There is positive news for the week like, June Jobs report produced better-than-expected numbers and the recent indication from the FED meeting show that the short-term interest rates are likely to remain near zero at least 2022.

 Oil ended with a weekly gain of 5.61%. However, the weekly movement for the past one-month data shows the absolute sideways movement due to the slowdown in the economic reopens and new travel restrictions globally. Gold ended with the marginal weekly gain of around 0.5%. However, Gold prices rose 13% in the second quarter with the biggest gain in four years.

Nikkei-225 Index ended Negatively around 0.8% due to the latest news of GPIF (Japan’s Government Pension Investment Fund reported a record quarterly loss of 17.71 trillion yen. The rest of the major indexes from APAC regions post a positive weekly gain. China Index outperformed in the APAC region and booked around 5% as a weekly gain.

The U.S job data and the encouraging news related to the development of potential Covid-19 vaccine, drive European stocks to a weekly gain.

We expect the volatile whipsaw movement in the near term considering the mixed job picture and Analyst reduced their second-quarter earnings estimated for Index companies.

Sentiment Analysis

The below figures show the mixed news and social media sentiment for the global markets. Continues surge in the coronavirus spreading, Mixed U.S job data, short term interest rates remain near zero for the near future, Analyst reduced the company’s earnings for the month of June, The introduced new restrictions and 14-day quarantine for travellers entering to US cities, continuous stimulus packages for the economy, new travel restrictions and escalating China Vs ASEAN countries borders issue tension are the key news for the week.

The mentioned key news reflecting on the social media sentiment as well. There are positive and negative news causes mixed sentiment in the market.

Nasdaq-100 and Russel Index stocks are showing the mild uptrend in the sentiment. Whereas S&P-500 and Dowjones are in neutral. The major Indices from Europe market remain neutral.

The APC regions clearly showing the mixed news and social media sentiment. Australia and Hang Seng Indexes are in negative sentiment trend. Whereas Korean and Nifty India Indexes show the uptrend in sentiment. Japan and China remain neutral.

Note: The sentiment indicator can be used as an additional overlay for your existing models to improve the performance further.

Buy & Sell Signals

The below table showing the buy/sell signals generated based on InfoTrie’s proprietary Investment/ Trading models. These models are developed with the combination of technical, fundamental, quantitative techniques and primarily the news-based sentiment score as an additional overlay.

I have tabulated the random signals from several InfoTrie’s Trading/Investment models.

The news sentiment score provides significant improvement, significant “Alpha” compared to the traditional investment/trading models.

 For more details on the analysis, accessing complete tear sheets or white paper for the models, subscription details for News Sentiment data and other consulting works please contact us with the information provided below.

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