Market Climbed! The Sentiment is in Unbiased Mode!


Market climbed. The U.S top benchmark indices climbed over 3% despite another large 75-basis-point rate hike from the Federal Reserve (Fed) and news that the GDP fell at a 0.9 % annual rate in the second quarter.

However, a monthly labour market update scheduled on Friday will reveal whether June’s strong employment growth continued into July. The economy added 372,000 new jobs in June, above most economists’ expectations, but the unemployment rate remained at 3.6 % for the fourth month. A small cap index Russel-2000 outperformed. Growth stocks outperformed value stocks on weakness in the retail sector.

U.S Fund Rates- Market Climbed


European stocks rose as data showed that the eurozone economy expanded at a faster-than-expected rate of 0.7 %. Markets mostly dismissed concerns about increased natural gas prices owing to decreasing Russian supply. The top benchmark indices gained about 2% to 6%. The Italian index FTSE-MIB outperformed.


The top indices in the APAC market were in a mixed direction. The indexes, Nifty-50, Kospi-100 and ASX-200, gained over 2%. On the other hand, the indexes SSE-50, Nikkei-225, and HSI-50 were ended with the red mark.  The fall of Japan market due to the weighed down by a stronger yen, mixed domestic earnings releases, and the government downgraded its estimates for Japan’s economic growth.

China’s stock markets fell after the ruling Communist Party’s high-level conference dropped calls that it will endeavour to attain its 2022 growth target and gave no indication of further stimulus.

Underlying market movement:

Underlying-Weekly-8-01-2022- Market Climbed

The U.S Crude Oil WTI futures remain unchanged from last week’s level. The gold price rose solidly over 3% as a weekly gain.

Sentiment Analysis

Market climbed. For the week, the general news sentiment trend was dominated by the neutral viewpoint. The sentiment trend for the top U.S benchmark indexes turns into an unbiased mode. However, the tech index Nasdaq-100 is slanting in a negative direction.

The European market’s sentiment has shifted to neutral, followed by the US market. However, the German index Dax-30 has shown a firm downtrend for the week, and the rest of the indices are likely to follow suit.

The neutral view dominated the sentient trend for the leading Asia-Pacific indices. However, the indexes Nifty-50, SSE-50 and Kospi-100 are likely to be turned in a negative direction. On the other hand, the indexes Nikkei-225 and ASX-200 were slanting in an upward direction

News Sentiment Trend:

Sentiment Trend Chart-8-01-2022- Market Climbed

The following critical economic indicators and earnings reports, which can alter current sentiment, may determine the market this week, including the unemployment rate and hourly earnings. (

Sentiment Score:

Sentiment Values-8-01-2022- Market Climbed

Note: The news sentiment data is the most useful additional overlay for your existing models to improve the performance further.

Buy & Sell Signals

The table below displays the buy/sell indications generated by InfoTrie’s proprietary Investment/Trading models. These models were created using technical, foundational, and quantitative approaches, with the sentiment score based on news serving as a secondary overlay.

At InfoTrie, I counted the random signals from various Trading/Investment models.

Buy Sell-8-01-2022- Market Climbed

The news sentiment score provides a significant improvement, significant “Alpha” compared to the traditional investment/trading models.

 For more details on the analysis, accessing complete tear sheets or white paper for the models, subscription details for News Sentiment data and other consulting works, don’t hesitate to contact us with the information provided below.


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