Who are We?

We are a Big Data, Financial Engineering and News Analytics company headquartered in Singapore and offices in India and Europe. Our cutting edge algorithms transform unstructured data into actionable alerts. InfoTrie helps visualize in an insightful way to reduce analysis time.

InfoTrie was founded in 2012. We are a creative, efficient and global team, have decades of expertise in Information Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Financial Engineering & Quantitative Modelling.

What We Do

There are too many unstructured data (news, blogs, transcripts, social media, reports)… in the Financial Industry. However, people cannot read everything. Providing low latency quality information and investment signals is key. Therefore, InfoTrie aims to leverage Big Data technologies to change the way unstructured data is consumed in Finance today.

InfoTrie offers cutting-edge technology to analyze the humongous flow of financial industry information. The engine transforms real-time data from financial news, social media, blogs, transcripts, reports…into actionable alerts.  We uncover low signals for analysts and investors, alert them in real time, instantly cut the noise, research is fast-tracked and you can use our low latency API to feed your systems. InfoTrie helps you monitor your portfolio, build new breeds of investment strategies and ultimately generate Alpha.

In short, clients can use our products and services to take action on early market moving information and gain perspective and context from differentiated information.

Why InfoTrie?

We specialize in

• News analytics, sentiment analysis for assets, people. topics…
• Global business and IT consultancy dedicated to Data Science and Financial Services
• Machine Learning and Big Data Real-Time Architecture
• Trading systems and trading technologies integration
• The development of proprietary Big Data and predictive analytics solutions

Our Machine Learning and Big Data Real-Time Architecture has realized sub-second latency: structured sentiment data, buzz data, alternative data… come out immediately if any information arrives.

InfoTrie’s premium analysis enables financial analyst, traders, investors to evaluate past performance assess the current financial position of the asset/ topic/ company, and gain insights useful for projecting future values.

In addition, InfoTrie provides easy access to many years of historical data so that trends over time can be examined.

News analytics | Alternative data

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