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Consulting in Data Science, Machine & Deep Learning, NLP, Big Data Real-Time Architecture ...

InfoTrie Consulting has experience and expertise in building scalable, low-latency, fault tolerant and cost-effective real-time architecture that makes use of the latest open source big data tools like Kafka, Storm, Spark, MongoDB, Solr, Redis, etc. On top of it, we can combine structured and unstructured data (using Natural Language Processing, Entity Detection, Sentiment Analysis, Classification, Multi-lingual Analysis …), building machine learning (SVM, Neural Network, Boosted Trees, Ensemble Method, Deep Learning, Clustering …) and statistical models.

Data Science

Our speciality is machine learning and big data real-time architecture – an emerging area that has revolutionized the way of business. We are well up in solving difficult problems that cannot be solved by conventional methods and specialized in any data-related challenge, such as predictive modeling, data exploration or complex end-to-end projects that touch multiple points in your organization. Our team of savvy data scientists can assist you with any problem which requires a non-standard approach.

Data Sourcing

We specialize in exploiting the value of non-standard information. Our experienced team of data scientists and data engineers can assist you in sourcing unstructured and structured data for valuable insights through web crawling and Natural Language Processing techniques and from our data partners.

Data Analytics

Our machine learning and analytics results are recognized for being precise, thorough and taking into account various predictable and unexpected elements. We can assist you at any scenarios such as on the cloud or on-site. We are well-versed in machine learning, deep learning. correlation analysis and predictive analytics.

Data Lake & Real Time Architecture

We build and manage distributed big data real-time architecture on a cluster that delivers insights in time with sub-second latency performance. Insights can be delivered through Pull and Push API, or in a well-visualized dashboard on the web app and mobile app. We could help you design and implement the system on your premises or provide optimization advice.

Data Cockpit

We implement data cockpits using market standards like Tableau, Qlik or Power BI


Our team has decades of experience with various programming languages and tools. The development languages and libraries we use include R, Java, Python, C++, C#, JavaScript, Perl, TensorFlow, Pandas, NLTK, Stanford NLP, scikit-learn, D3, .NET Framework, Lean, etc.