InfoTrie provides full access to flexible EOD (End of the day) market data. We offer trading dataset in major stocks, ETF’s, commodities, energy and more.

Leverage underlying EOD datasets in many ways designed and custom to your specific needs and workflows. This could be further used for trading purposes leveraging low latency feeds with deep analytical tools or via our EOD valuation and risk management tools & techniques.

Important Tickers: Underlying Symbol, Quote Date, Root, Expiration, Strike, Option Type, Open, High, Low, Close, and more.

Key Facts

  • Coverage – Globally.
  • History – 2012 onwards
  • Delivery Mechanism – API, Cloud, Digital Files, Excel, FTP, RSS Feed, SFTP, Website
  • Data format – CSV, Delimited, GZIP, HTML, JSON, PDF, Python, Text User Interface, XML, Zip Archive
  • Data Refreshed– Daily, Weekly, Bi-Annually or Annually and on demand.


  • EOD data with full ticker data services since 2012.
  • Receive alerts post-trade values interpreting workflows.
  • Get access to both intuitive bulk access requests to a wide array of stock exchanges reference datasets.
  • Cover more than 50 markets, including U.S. and International stock exchanges, futures, forex, options, ETFs.


  • Get full access to associated benchmarks and indices.
  • Flexible & Scalable delivery through iFeed API.
  • Easy access and adoption of global exchanges.

Use Cases

  • Intercept insights about listed & private companies, and key decision-making information.
  • Illuminate valuable analytics, and daily and intraday charting applications.
  • Leverage dataset like corporate actions & dividend data for benchmarking.