A Definition of Alternative Data

Alternative data refers to any data source that is not typically used by traditional financial institutions, such as credit card data, social media sentiment, satellite imagery, and web scraping data. It has become increasingly popular in recent years as financial institutions look for new ways to gain insights and improve their investment strategies. With traditional data sources often limited in their scope and ability to provide timely and relevant information, alternative data can provide unique insights into consumer behavior, supply chain activity, and other key indicators that can impact investment decisions. However, it can also present challenges, such as data quality issues, ethical concerns, and regulatory compliance. As a result, financial institutions must carefully evaluate and manage the risks associated with alternative data to ensure that they are making informed and responsible investment decisions.

It is defined as non-traditional data that can provide an indication of future performance of a company outside of traditional sources, such as company filings, broker forecasts, and management guidance. This data can be used as part of the pre-trade investment analysis, as well as helping investors ad researchers to monitor the health of a company, industry, or economy.

Many investors already see it as just as essential as fundamental data for their financial analysis and insights.

Alternative data

InfoTrie’s Offering on Alternative Data

We offer the content, platforms and tools to evaluate and use alternative data for better decision making on investment, trading and risk management. We are constantly evaluating this new frontier – to provide greater clarity and to effectively combine both datasets for a uniquely powerful proposition – and actively scan the market for new content sources.

We have made a commitment to improving, streamlining and perfecting the way in which users can access, compare and use the best fundamental and alternative data.”
Suresh Kumar, CFA, Head of Trading, InfoTrie

InfoTrie has over 10 years of experience in the data space. We offer in particular:

  • News and Social Media Sentiment analysis,
  • User reviews and ecommerce website analysis,
  • SEC and regulatory filling data,
  • Job Posting data,
  • Air traffic analysis,
  • ESG data (Environmental, social, and corporate governance).

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