InfoTrie offer filling content and history providing in depth access to hundreds of document types, including Annual & Quarterly reports, CSR, ownership, and other regulatory filings and more. Our global network of experts results in unique coverage and timeliness with flexible and scalable availability of all documents

We capture US market across mega, large, small, and micro capitalization segments.

A. Financial Reports

10K – Each company annual one record/year,

10 Q – Quarterly Financial Report

B. Executive Compensation Details

8K – anytime of the year in case of reforms

C. Critical Corporate events

FORM 3,4,5 – M&A, Bankruptcy etc.

D. Beneficial Ownership report

13F,13G – Share Market Information inside the company


  • Leverage Financial Information and Documents.
  • Spread across Mega, Large, Small, and Micro Enterprises.


  • Leverage research quality, and historical market filings.
  • Monitor and strategize returns.
  • Intelligence reports over filtered time series.

Key Facts

  • Coverage – US Market in standard. Other Markets on demand
  • History – 2012 onwards
  • Delivery Mechanism – API, Cloud, Digital Files, Excel, FTP, RSS Feed, SFTP, Website
  • Data format – CSV, GZIP, HTML, JSON, PDF, Python, Text User Interface, XML, Zip Archive
  • Data Refreshed – Daily, Weekly, Bi-Annually or Annually and on demand

Use Cases

  • Correlate and predict quantative factors
  • Broad US Market Coverage