InfoTrie Consulting is a global innovation consultancy and Agile software development company dedicated to helping organizations embrace tech as a force for change. We work with clients to rapidly launch products and services, create new business models, and prepare leadership and culture for the future.

InfoTrie provides expert advice and guidance to organizations looking to improve their operations, increase efficiency, and achieve their business goals. Our consultants work closely with clients to identify their unique challenges and develop tailored solutions to address them. These solutions may include process improvements, technology implementations, organizational restructuring, or strategic planning. Our consultants may also provide training and support to help organizations implement and sustain their new initiatives successfully. With their deep industry knowledge and experience, our consultants can help businesses navigate complex challenges and opportunities, optimize their performance, and drive growth and innovation.


We server primarily the Financial Services and the Data Science industries but often assist our clients on other industries such as Aerospace and Defense, Communications, Media, Technology, Consumer and Retail, Energy.

We can provide you with business-to-business consulting services and help your company reach your goals.

Staff Augmentation

InfoTrie provides consultants with the skill-sets that are required for your projects. We have an intuitive understanding of your requirements and can provide business and technology consultants, qualified project managers and service delivery experts and engage with every function in all trading environments.


High level and Independent advisory services. Our experts have more than 15 years of real-world experience in developing and operating complex treasury systems projects. We provide independent and objective gap analysis and pre-studies, project management, review and optimization.


We can manage various types of projects on your behalf while you can concentrate your efforts on core activities. We have onshore and offshore delivery capabilities which enable us to deliver high-value complex work through complete outsourced solutions.


As a partner of your project, InfoTrie provides highly skilled resources for quality factory and testing. Through working in close collaboration with InfoTrie, you can always realize the maximum value.

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