InfoTrie provides extensive fundamental data for Companies (listed or unlisted), ETFs, Forex, Fixed Income, Commodities, Cryptos, … via our robust and secure iFeed API. Our business data collection tools access & analyse multiple data points on more than 100k publicly traded & private companies for all the major countries.

InfoTrie’s Fundamental Data contains entity files as Financial Statements, Income (Profit & Loss) Statements, Balance Sheets and Cash Flows, Segment Data and Operating Metrics with data items including common measures used for advanced analytics.

We help you with an easy-to-use navigation system viewing ‘standardized’ and ‘company specific’ financials. This data reflects the reporting nature by various companies on a global level within a business sector.

Key Facts

  • Coverage – Global (100 nations)
  • History – from 2000.
  • Delivery Mechanism – API, Cloud, Deployed/Onsite Servers, Digital Files, Excel, FTP, SFTP, Web Service.
  • Data format – CSV, HTML, JSON, PDF, Python, SQL, Text, User Interface, XML
  • Data Refreshed – Daily, Weekly, Bi-Annually or Annually and on demand.

Features of Fundamental Data

  • Cover 111,000+ publicly traded & private companies.
  • Use point-in-time fundamentals covering global companies.
  • Over 120+ countries.
  • Fundamental data up to the 1990’s.

Benefits of Fundamental Data

  • Measure cross-company comparison.
  • Analyze performance with confidence benchmarked based on industry-specific metrics for reliable screening.
  • Access easy and direct fundamental data for enriched market insights.
  • Leverage reliable & transparent databases.

Use Cases

  • Benchmark restated and revised data for true year-over-year comparability.
  • Navigate between ‘standardized’ and ‘company specific’ financials.
  • Leverage Investment Intelligence for effective fundamental company data.
  • Structure & interpret the content from multiple sources to that of others.

External Links and Sample Sources

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