FinSentS stands for Financial News and Sentiment Screener. Get real-time analysis information for over 100,000 stocks, topics, companies, people and other assets with up to 15 years of history.

Key Benefits

Monitoring Bundles of News
Trading Strategies
Portfolio Management

With FinSentS?

In the age of the internet, it is physically impossible for an investor, a trader, an analyst to keep track of the tremendous amount of information produced by the financial industry: analyst reports, financials statements, press releases, social media, in multiple languages etc…

Artificial Intelligence can help. InfoTrie combines decades of expertise in the financial sector and Data Science. With FinSentS, we have built a cutting-edge technology platform to extract and analyze in real-time humongous flows of information. The brilliant financial sentiment analysis application offers actionable tools and indicators to better seize investment opportunities and predict market trends.

Financial markets have become ever more closely correlated and are driven as much by news, as fundamentals.

What is FinSentS?

FinSentS indexes in real-time, in a way similar to what Google or Bing do millions of sources: websites, blogs, analyst reports, business news publications and processes premium and private data. It’s machine/deep learning framework assesses in real time the relevance of each topic/company data, filters out noise to push meaningful content to users. Then, it computes and displays sentiment scores and other metrics (e.g. volume, buzz) intuitively.

Disparate information is indexed and brought together into a unified dashboard, or made available through low latency push APIs to enrich people’s or system’s understanding of financial big data. Real-time smart alerts combined with multiple indicators speed-up research and allow better investment decisions.


Extensive Coverage
Like Google, FinSentS engine has the possibility to massively acquire data from the web, but it is also designed to process private or premium data. A global coverage of 100,000s assets, topics, companies, and people are tracked in multiple languages in real time, with up to 15 years of history.
Determine Sentiment Effortlessly
FinSentS’s technology can help you quickly determine the real sentiment behind the noise. No linguistic or technical expertise is necessary to understand every message. FinSentS helps you to leverage humongous amount of information effortlessly.
FinSentS News Sentiment database offers daily media sentiment indicators for: 100,000+ Assets.
FinSentS helps keeping an eye on what you are concerned about, alerting customers in real-time.

Find and get alerted to critical information buried in filings, news, research, and your private sources.
Identify key data points, trends, and themes on global companies.

The FinSentS News Sentiment database currently covers these assets:

  • 15,000 North American stocks
  • 8,000 European stocks
  • 4,000 Japanese stocks
  • 14,000 Asian stocks excluding Japan
  • 3,000 Australia / New Zealand stocks
  • 1,000 South American stocks
  • 10,000s private companies, SMEs and brands
  • Major global stock indices
  • 100s of currency pairs
  • 100s of Commodities

Never miss any important information that may have been somewhat dangerously overlooked.

Important Indicators

  • Sentiment Score: A numeric measure of the bullishness /bearishness of news coverage of the stock.
  • Sentiment High / Low: Highest and lowest intraday sentiment scores.
  • News Buzz: A numeric measure of the change in coverage volume for the stock.
  • News Volume: The absolute number of news articles covering the stock.
  • Real-time, Low-latency and Fault Tolerant InfoTrie’s superior engine can capture, analyze, and put the large volume and wide variety of real-time sources to use at very high speeds. This feature provides the guarantee for true low-latency service
  • Open, Flexible and Scalable – InfoTrie enforces a flexible, secure, and highly scalable infrastructure. The system is both ready to use, with an extensive set of pre-canned analysis and fully customizable. Advanced users can build and extend features, implement trading algorithms, connect to their in-house system and truly leverage our APIs and data.

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