Get Job Listings or subsets through Location, Functions, Date of publishing etc. for up to 10,000 job postings per dataset today.

InfoTrie extracts, validates & delivers data for insightful, predictive, and actionable job market Information. We rely on unique, timely, and accurate job listings datasets sourced directly from employer websites globally.

Job analytics in real-time and in history helps interpreting,

  • Expansion Trends,
  • Analyze Hiring practices,
  • Predict Industry growth rates,
  • Enabling the extraction of Actionable Strategic and Operational Insights.

Key Facts

100 000s of job postings delivered to you through a flexible API

Some of the Major Job Postings Platforms:

  • LinkedIn Job Listing
  • Indeed Job Postings
  • Glassdoor & More.


Important Metrics:

  • Unique Job Postings
  • Median Job posting Duration
  • Unique Companies

The dataset at a minimum includes over 30 unique job and company level attributes and identifiers.

  • Job Title,
  • Full Job Description,
  • Job URL,
  • Company Name,
  • Location,
  • Occupation Code,
  • Sector Code,
  • Timeframe (year/month),
  • Reference Data,
  • Date Posted,
  • Summary,
  • Salary (if available) and more.


Get complete view of the hiring trends and filter according to your custom needs. Define your own data delivery and schedule method.


  • Identifying competition’s technology stack
  • Tracking the growth of desired companies.
  • Predicting job growth on macro & on regional basis.
  • Extensive global coverage with deeper analysis.
  • Talent sourcing & in-depth job market analysis.
  • Managing industry and individual growth levels.

At a larger scale, this dataset can be leveraged to predict market trends and forecast future growth. Extracted data from all the major job boards is then delivered to you in a file format of your choice, via real-time alerts through InfoTrie’s iFeed API data collector.

Use Cases

For Investors: Improves investment decision – making via predictive modelling.

For Business & People Analytics: Easily track all the open job listings in real-time to competitors.  

For ESG Teams: Leverage job posting insights to meet diversity & inclusion goals.