Harness the power of data with Comprehensive Job Market Insights (CJMI), a robust and expansive data product meticulously designed to cater to the needs of HR professionals, talent acquisition teams, job seekers, academic institutions, market researchers, workforce planning strategists, and businesses of all sizes seeking to understand and navigate the ever-changing job market landscape.

Built on an advanced machine learning-driven platform, CJMI collects, curates, and synthesizes job posting data from a myriad of company websites and job boards, spanning various industries, geographies, and professional levels. This data is then transformed into a powerhouse of insights, helping stakeholders make data-driven decisions, strategize effectively, and gain a competitive edge in their respective domains.

In a world increasingly driven by data, Comprehensive Job Market Insights (CJMI) serves as a trusted ally, providing users with a powerful resource for understanding the job market and making informed decisions. By offering a diverse, up-to-date, and in-depth analysis of job market data, CJMI empowers you to optimize strategies

Key Facts

1 000 000s of job postings delivered to you through a flexible API

Direct retrieval from companies websites

Data from most of the Major Job Postings Platforms:

  • LinkedIn Job Listing
  • Indeed Job Postings
  • Monster
  • Glassdoor & More.

Features of Job Postings Data

Important Metrics:

  • Unique Job Postings Data
  • Median Job posting Duration
  • Unique Companies

The dataset at a minimum includes over 30 unique job and company level attributes and identifiers.

  • Job Title,
  • Full Job Description,
  • Job URL,
  • Company Name,
  • Location,
  • Occupation Code,
  • Sector Code,
  • Timeframe (year/month),
  • Reference Data,
  • Date Posted,
  • Summary,
  • Salary (if available) and more.

Benefits of Job Postings Data

Get complete view of the hiring trends and filter according to your custom needs. Define your own data delivery and schedule method.


  • Identifying competition’s technology stack
  • Tracking the growth of desired companies.
  • Predicting job growth on macro & on regional basis.
  • Extensive global coverage with deeper analysis.
  • Talent sourcing & in-depth job market analysis.
  • Managing industry and individual growth levels.

At a larger scale, this dataset can be leveraged to predict market trends and forecast future growth. Extracted data from all the major job boards is then delivered to you in a file format of your choice, via real-time alerts through InfoTrie’s iFeed API data collector.

Use Cases

Job Postings Data

For Investors: Improves investment decision – making via predictive modelling.

For Business & People Analytics: Easily track all the open job listings in real-time to competitors.  

For ESG Teams: Leverage job posting insights to meet diversity & inclusion goals.

External Links and Sample Sources

We monitor a variety of sources, in standard or as bespoke services:

  • Industry Publications: Websites like Forbes, Business Insider, or specific industry-related magazines.
  • Government Labor Statistics: In the US, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and its equivalent in other countries.
  • Professional Associations: Dependent upon the industry. For example, for tech jobs, we could be considering the Association for Computing Machinery.
  • Job Boards: Job boards such as Indeed, Linkedin, Glassdoor or industry-specific ones.
  • Career Advice Blogs/Websites: Websites like The Muse.
  • Company Career pages: We can monitor companies career pages for you.

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