InfoTrie understands the rising need to mitigate risk and errors, while also containing turnaround time and expenses. We intercept demand matching for timely, secure, complete, accurate and structured corporate actions notifications. Our offering has flexible and effective solutions extracting custom portfolios either on an ad-hoc or on a scheduled delivery basis.

We provide comprehensive global coverage of the private & publicly listed companies leveraging private equity firms, funds, and their portfolio companies and more with in-depth profiles for underlying datasets assuring quality and published on a continuous basis.  

Key Facts

  • Coverage – Global (100 nations)
  • History – Capital & Dividend changes from 2012
  • Delivery Mechanism – API, Excel, FTP, SFTP
  • Data format – CSV, Delimited, GZIP, JSON, Python, User Interface, XML, Zip Archive.
  • Data Refreshed – Daily, Weekly, Bi-Annually or Annually and on demand.


  • Get unique information 500+ key venues.
  • Access almost 100k+ issuers and securities across 156 countries.
  • Get specialized data package of 160+ Shares, Voting Rights and Reference facts.


  • Independent proprietaries achieve with 10+ years for developed markets
  • In depth access to FTSE, Russell, Global Equity Markets Index series (GEIS).
  • Track all stocks with our iFeed API.

Use Cases

  • Anticipate cash flows, portfolio modeling, and settlement details to mitigate risks
  • Manage actions across Investment banks, Custody, Capital markets, Asset Management effectively.
  • Monitors all asset classes & track each action.