Welcome to InfoTrie, your trusted partner in the sea of data and artificial intelligence for business decision-making. Explore our comprehensive suite of products, designed to deliver impactful insights and drive efficiency.

  1. IFeed API – Think of the IFeed API as your high-tech fishing net, capable of capturing alternative and smart data at an incredible scale. Just like a modern net can be adjusted to catch different types of fish depending on the needs, IFeed API provides a vast array of data types tailored to your unique business requirements. It casts a wide net across diverse data sources, from social media feeds to economic indicators, ensuring you have the information you need to make well-informed decisions.
  2. DocuTrie – DocuTrie, our AI-powered Optical Character Recognition (OCR) product, is akin to the skilled hands of a fisherman who can expertly clean and fillet the catch. It sifts through the day’s haul – your unstructured data – meticulously extracting and classifying valuable information from various document types. This reduces the manual effort and increases efficiency in data processing, letting you focus on preparing the perfect dish. Transform your unstructured data into actionable intelligence .
  3. FinSentS – FinSentS, our financial news and sentiment screener, is your seasoned fish market guide. It navigates the bustling, noisy market of financial news, blogs, and social media, selecting the freshest and most relevant information. Just as a guide would know which vendors have the day’s best catch, FinSentS delivers real-time sentiment scores, helping you stay ahead of the financial markets.

Infotrie invites you to join us in this journey across the sea of data. With our advanced products and tools, we strive to make your data gathering and processing as efficient and effective as possible, ensuring that you always have the best ingredients for your decision-making process. Together, let’s navigate these waters and reel in the success you deserve.”

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