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InfoTrie’s iFeed API helps people unlock the value of Big data by transforming unstructured data into structured & meaningful insights which can be then interconnected to create value. We offer the technical expertise behind each coverage of the dataset in our complete suite of solutions. While our team of expertise work on building the most innovative methods, based on the latest research papers & market movements, we strive to quickly meet our customer’s needs and business logic. 

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Leverage Data capabilities like never before via iFeed API

iFeed API can be rapidly deployed with scalable activity feeds with an industry-leading accuracy % and detailed SLA guarantee. We act as an extended big data partner for our customers helping them grow without worrying about the scalability, maintenance, and reliability of a complicated news feed structure.

Rising Need for iFeed API

The rise of the internet has produced humongous amount of information… the glut of data makes reading everything an impossible task. Meanwhile, emotion and psychology influence trading and investment decisions, causing people to behave in an unpredictable or irrational way.

For example, traders and investment professionals only want to focus on signals derived from price data, but in fact, they need to confront with the amount of noise produced by newspapers, blogs, and social media. Are there any tools that can help them extract valuable information from vast data so that they can spend only 10% of the time on reading, and use 90% of the time for judgment and making decisions?

I-Feed offers structured real-time access to various types of alternative data processed by our engines. News and Social Media Sentiment analysis, User reviews and eCommerce website analysis, SEC and regulatory filling data, Job Posting data, Air traffic analysis, ESG data…

i-Feed can offer all data that you need.

What iFeed API offers you?

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Enterprise Scalability
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Trusted for Excellence
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Custom it according to your needs
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Real-Time robust API Infrastructure

iFeed API & its structure

iFeed API is InfoTrie’s standard or bespoke real-time low latency alternative data feed at the core of FinSentS.

This API returns news sentiment data for 100,000+ companies and stocks (listed or unlisted) major FX, commodities or topics/people… tracked by the InfoTrie engine.

Up to 15 years of tick by tick and/or daily time series can be provided for any asset class. Historical data can be downloaded on demand. Delivery can be made by mail / FTP / real-time feed (CSV/JSON/XML).

And you can subscribe directly to our API.

Please refer to our static data user guide for more information, and our API Help.


Alternative data discovery from multiple data sources.
More than 100,000 entities are monitored.
Quality Insights with 15+ years of multilingual data.
Eliminating the noise along with Nowcasting.
Accurate Risk Monitoring and Predictive analytics
Alerts in Real-Time, Low latency & High volume API

How does it work?

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