With our e-commerce analytics, companies can now automate and interpret raw datasets into useful and structured insights.
We gather information from all possible e-commerce and market places sources into meaningful and accurate data. The data can be used for a lot of use cases like changes in customer behavior, online shopping trends, third party monitoring and risk management.

Key Facts

Trusted Sources: Amazon, eBay and all major E-commerce platforms and marketplaces.

Categories: Household Products, Beauty, Fashion, Food, Beverages, Pets, Electronics and more

Evaluation Metrics: Classification, Text and Ranking Accuracy.

Main markets: US, Europe, UK, Australia, Asia, South America, Middle East and so on.

Features of e-Commerce Data

Sample features include:

  1. Product name,
  2. Brand name,
  3. Category,
  4. Average rating,
  5. Review count,
  6. Review URL,
  7. Review date,
  8. Review country,
  9. Review title, and more

Three key levels of reviews filtering:

  • Single Classification: Spam / Normal review
  • Multi Class Classification: Positive, Neutral or Negative Review
  • Multi Label Classification: Order Quality, Order Size, Premium delivery, Price Performance.

Benefits of e-Commerce Data

Find Differences and Similarities from reviews (Sentiment Analysis)

Quality Data Acquisition – Assess and analyze unstructured data sets into interactive data discovery models for informed decision making.

Augmented Growth – Optimize and Sell Internationally by having a cautious approach to every strategic decision move.

Accelerated Operations – Simplify and automate the reports with customized filters for data analyses along with AI/ML Models adjusted to your business needs.

Use Cases

E-Commerce Data Analytics

Product Attributes: We scan products reviews on various e-commerce platforms and marketplaces for sentiment analysis on product attributes custom to your desire.

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Post-sale ratings: This identifies various products and services and their performances post sale for customer review ratings.

ecommerce Data

Product Development Roadmap: Leverage these datasets to prioritize respective product or services roadmap.

Targeted E-Commerce Data Analytics

Understand Trends: Helps you get an insight on people’s likes and dislikes. It captures the buzz.

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