1.2 – get_articles

The get_articles function retrieves a list of articles with corresponding data URLs, title, teaser, image etc … for a given list of parameters.




Params Values
class_nameidStringclass_nameid is mandatory parameter. The possible values are: • company id [c_id]
• index id [in_id]
• topic id [top_id]
• source id [o_id]. Multiple sources can be passed as comma separated values
• forex id [fx_id]
• blog id [o_id]
• commodity id [cm_id] and commodity all [cm_ALL]
• commodity_sector id [cs_id]
timezoneStringBy default timezone  is Europe/Berlin. The possible values are:
• Asia/Singapore
• Europe/Berlin
subclass_nameidStringThere a number of possible values for subclass_nameid parameter which starts with tp_ip.
offsetNumberDefault value will be 0. By increasing the value of offset number days ranges used for fetching articles will be increased.
countNumberDefault value will be 15. it defines the number of articles returning in an API call.
start_dateStringThe format is YYYY-MM-DD. This is the maximum date.
end_dateStringThe format is YYYY-MM-DD. This is the minimum date.
last_updateNumber• 0 means, there is no valid last updated data.
• Non zero means current updated data is newer then last updated data.



     “last_update” : <integer timestamp> // value ‘0’ will return current data 
     "data" : { 
          "title" : <article title>,
          "hms" : <hour:min:sec>,
          "teaser" : <teaser>,
          "image_name" : <image name>,
          "url" : <url>,
          "date" : <string in dd-mm-yyyy format>,
          "domain" : <domain name>,
          "domain_id" : <name id for the domain>,
          "sentiment" : <between 1 to 10>,
          "relevance": <high, medium, low> 
     { … }