1.1 – Glossary

To understand the authentication process for the InfoTrie API calls, please familiarize yourself with the following terms:


All requests should contain the AppKey provided by InfoTrie to make an API call, this AppKey is included in the header of the request made to infoTrie API. AppKey serves as the identity of the user or Consumer using the API.

example AppKey:  081c6xxxxxxxxxx6f4d66


  • Client – Client application.
  • Status – HTTP status code of response.
  • All the possible responses are listed under ‘Responses’ for each method. Only one of them is issued per request server.
  • All responses are in JSON format.
  • All request parameters are mandatory unless explicitly marked as [optional]
  • The type of values accepted for a request parameter is shown in the values column like this [10|<any number>]. The| symbol means OR. If the parameter is [optional], the default value is shown in blue bold text, as 10 is written in [10|<any number>].