2.3 – Data Dictionnary

Our data extraction methodology ensures a robust collection of structured information for over
100+ data points unified into one.

This gathered dataset encompasses vital details across multiple job categories, locations, and
essential job specifics. It empowers users to gain insights into employment trends, salary ranges, job
types, and other crucial facets of available job postings.

We tailor job datasets from 50+ job boards globally.

The following example illustrates a job posting from Indeed for a Filling Operator position at
“American Regent, Inc.” in the “Pharmaceutical and biotechnology” industry, based in New York,
NY. It includes details such as salary, job type, benefits, company information, and other relevant
job-specific attributes collected from Indeed job postings

1Company Identifiercompany_idStringA unique identifier is assigned to each company.
2CitycityStringThe city where the job is located.
3Job CategorycategoryStringThe category or type of job (e.g., Filling Operator III).
4Job TitletitleStringThe job title or position.
5Job IDjob-idStringA unique identifier is assigned to each job posting.
6Company NamecompanyStringThe name of the company offering the job.
7Company Logo URLcompany-logoURLURL of the company’s logo.
8Company Ratingcompany ratingNumberThe rating of the company.
9Company Review CountcompanyReviewCountNumberThe count of reviews for the company.
10Company Overview LinkcompanyOverviewLinkURLLink to the company’s overview.
11IndustryindustryStringThe industry in which the company operates.
12Salary Textsalary-txtStringSalary information provided in text format (e.g., “$. an hour”).
13Salary Currencysalary-currencyStringThe currency used for salary figures.
14Salary Maximumsalary-maxNumberThe maximum salary offered for the job.
15Salary Minimumsalary-minNumberThe minimum salary offered for the job.
16 Salary Frequencysalary-frequencyStringFrequency of salary payment (e.g., hourly).
17LocationlocationStringThe specific job location (city, state).
18Job URLjob-URLURLWeb link to the job posting.
19Post Datepost-dateDateThe date when the job was posted.
20Post Date Timestamppost-date-tsNumber (timestamp)Timestamp of the job posting.
21Job Typesjob-typesStringType of employment (e.g., Full-time).
22BenefitsbenefitsStringBenefits offered for the job.
23SchedulesschedulesStringJob schedule details.
24SourcesourceStringSource of the job data (e.g., Indeed).
25Crawled Datecrawled-dateDateDate when the job data was extracted.
26Crawled Timestampcrawled-tsNumber (timestamp)Timestamp of data extraction.
27Job StatusactiveStringIndicates if the job posting is active.
28Expiry Dateexpiry-atDateDate of job expiry.
29Post Graduatepost_graduateStringIndicates if the job requires a post-graduate degree.
30EINeinStringEmployer Identification Number.