3.3 – Data Dictionnary

Our data extraction methodology ensures a robust collection of structured information for all jobs
and also on multiple company career pages globally unified into one.

Our coverage spans hundreds of 1000s of company career pages directly.

It encompasses a wide range of job categories, locations, and details, enabling users to gain
comprehensive insights into employment trends, salary ranges, job types, and more. We deploy
advanced techniques like AI/LLM models and more to ensure accuracy, currency, and depth in the
information retrieved.

1Company Identifiercompany_idStringA unique identifier is assigned to each company.
2CitycityStringThe city where the job is located.
3Job CategorycategoryStringThe category or type of job (e.g., Retail Jobs.
4Remote WorkremoteBooleanIndicates whether the job allows remote work.
5Job Descriptionjob_descriptionStringDetailed information about the job role and responsibilities.
6Contract Timecontract_timeStringThe duration or type of contract (e.g., full-time.
7Minimum Salarysalary_minNumberThe minimum salary offered for the job.
8Maximum Salarysalary_maxNumberThe maximum salary offered for the job.
9Geo Longitudegeo_lngNumberThe longitude coordinate of the job location.
10Job IDjob_idStringA unique identifier is assigned to each job posting.
11Job Locationjob_locationStringThe specific location (city, state, country of the job.
12Job Titlejob_titleStringThe job title or position.
13Company Namecompany_nameStringThe official name of the company offering the job.
14EINeinStringEmployer Identification Number.
15Salary Frequencysalary_frequencyStringFrequency of salary payment.
16Salary Currencysalary_currencyStringThe currency used for salary figures.
17Geo Latitudegeo_latNumberThe latitude coordinate of the job location.
18 Contract Typecontract_typeStringType of employment contract (e.g., permanent.
19URLURLURLWeb link to the job posting.
20Job Countryjob_countryStringThe country where the job is located.
21Date Stringdate_strDateDate
22DatedateDateThe date is in standard format (YYYY-MM-DD)
23TimestamptimestampNumberTimestamp of job posting.
24Crawled Timestampcrawled_timestampNumberTimestamp of data extraction.
25Job Statusis_activeBoolean (yes/no)Indicates if the job posting is activ