6.1 – Data Dictionary

Standard Essential Package

#Corporate ActionTypeDescription
1BankruptcyCorporate DistressWhen a company is unable to meet its debt obligations and seeks legal protection.
2BonusShare DistributionAdditional shares are given to current shareholders at no extra cost.
3Bonus RightsShareholder RightsRights given to shareholders to buy additional shares at a discount.
4ConsolidationShare StructureCombining multiple shares into fewer shares, increases individual share value.
5Demerger (Spin-off)Corporate RestructuringA company splits off a section of its operations into a separate business.
6DividendProfit DistributionDistribution of a portion of the company’s profits to its shareholders.
7Financial Year ChangeReporting PeriodChange in the company’s financial reporting year.
8Incorporation ChangeLegal StructureChange in the legal domicile of the company.
9International Code ChangeSecurities IdentificationAlteration in the company’s international securities identification code.
10Issuer Name ChangeCorporate IdentityWhen the company changes its official name.
11LiquidationBusiness ClosureProcess of closing a business, selling its assets, and distributing the proceeds to creditors and shareholders.
12Listing Status ChangeMarket PresenceAlteration in the company’s stock market listing status.
13Local Code ChangeSecurities IdentificationChange in the company’s local securities identification code.
14MergerCorporate CombinationCombination of two companies to form a new entity.
15New ListingMarket PresenceIntroduction of a company’s shares on a stock exchange.
16RightsShareholder OfferOffer made to existing shareholders to purchase additional shares, typically at a discount.
17Security Description ChangeSecurities ModificationModification in the description of a listed security.
18Security ReclassificationSecurities ModificationChange in the type or class of listed securities.
19SEDOL ChangeSecurities IdentificationChange in the Stock Exchange Daily Official List number, a unique identifier for securities.
20Sub-divisionShare StructureSplitting a single share into multiple shares, reduces individual share value.
21TakeoverCorporate AcquisitionAcquisition of one company by another.

Additional Corporate Actions Package

#Corporate ActionTypeDescription
1Company MeetingShareholder InteractionRefers to scheduled gatherings of the company’s shareholders and directors.
2AnnouncementCorporate CommunicationOfficial communication by a company about significant corporate events.
3ArrangementLegal RestructuringLegal agreements or restructurings, often relating to mergers or reorganizations.
4AssimilationShare StructureThe process by which newly issued shares become fully fungible and indistinguishable from existing shares in the market.
5BuybackShare RepurchaseWhen a company repurchases its own shares from the market.
6CallBond RedemptionEarly redemption of a bond by the issuer before its maturity date.
7Capital ReductionEquity RestructuringA decrease in a company’s shareholder equity.
8Certificate ExchangeShare Certificate ModificationSwapping old share certificates for new ones, often after mergers or name changes.
9Conversion TermsConvertible SecuritiesConditions under which convertible securities can be exchanged for another type of security.
10Conversion Terms ChangeConvertible Securities ModificationAlterations to the terms under which conversion can take place.
11Currency RedenominationCurrency AdjustmentChanging the nominal currency of securities.
12Distribution (Distribution in Specie)Shareholder DistributionShareholders receive assets, rather than cash, from the company.
13DivestmentAsset SaleSelling off a subsidiary or business segment.
14Dividend Reinvestment PlanDividend UtilizationShareholders can opt to use dividend payments to purchase more of the company’s stock.
15Entitlement (Open Offer)Shareholder OfferExisting shareholders are given the right to buy additional shares.
16FrankingTax SystemA tax system where dividends are given a credit for the tax the company has already paid.
17Class ActionsLegal ActionsLegal actions taken by shareholders collectively against a company.
18Lot ChangeShare Structure ModificationAlteration in the standard number of shares in one trading unit.
19Par Value RedenominationShare Structure ModificationChanging the face value of the company’s shares.
20Preferential OfferShareholder OfferOffering shares to a specific group before the general public.
21Purchase OfferShareholder OfferOffer made to shareholders to purchase their shares, typically at a premium.
22Redemption TermsSecurities RedemptionConditions under which securities, like bonds, can be redeemed before maturity.
23Return of CapitalShareholder DistributionDistribution of cash to investors, typically from the sale of assets.
24Security SwapSecurities ExchangeExchange of one security for another.