5.3 – Data Dictionary

List of key economic indicators categories, designed to enhance your understanding of diverse market influences. From monetary policy decisions to global summits, these classifications offer a comprehensive overview, empowering you to make well-informed decisions in the dynamic world of economics.

#Indicator CategoryDescriptionIndicator
3.1General Economic IndicatorsProvides an overview of the overall economic health.• GDP
• GDP Growth Rate (QoQ and YoY)
• Annualized GDP Growth (by quarters and full year)
3.2ManufacturingFocuses on manufacturing sector performance.• Various Manufacturing PMI indices, including Nikkei, NEVI, Markit, DILF, SVME, HALPIM, and IHS Markit.
3.3InflationTracks inflation rates and indices.• Inflation Rate, Harmonized Inflation Rate, Core Inflation Rate
• PPI (Producer Price Index), CPI (Consumer Price Index), CPIF
3.4EmploymentMonitors employment-related metrics.• Unemployment Rate, Non-Farm Payrolls, Jobseekers Total
• Average Weekly Earnings, Initial and Continuing Jobless Claims
3.5Trade and Foreign ExchangeExamines trade balances and foreign exchange metrics.• Balance of Trade, Exports, Imports, Foreign Exchange Reserves
• Trade Deficit, Current Account, Net Exports Contribution to GDP
3.6Central Bank ActionsDescription: Covers decisions and communications from central banks.• Interest Rate Decision, Policy Meeting Minutes, Press Conferences
3.7Business Confidence and SentimentGauges sentiment across business and consumer sectors.• Business Confidence, Economic Sentiment Index, Consumer Confidence
3.8Retail and ConsumerExplores retail and consumer-related indicators.• Retail Sales, Consumer Spending, Inflation Expectations, CPI
3.9Real EstateExamines real estate market trends.• House Price Index, Property Price Index, Home Sales
3.10Industrial ProductionAnalyzes production and inventory metrics.• Industrial Production, Manufacturing Production, Construction Output
3.11Monetary IndicatorsMonitors money supply and credit metrics.• M1, M2, M3 Money Supply, Total and Private Sector Credit
3.12Government and Fiscal IndicatorsFocuses on government fiscal health.• Budget Balance, Government Debt to GDP, Government Expenditure
3.13International EventsHighlights significant global events.• OPEC Meeting, G20 Summit, European Council Meeting
3.14Holidays and Special DaysAcknowledges holidays and special occasions.• New Year’s Day, Christmas Day, Independence Day
3.15Special Events and MeetingsCovers notable conferences and elections.• World Economic Forum, Presidential Election, Economic Forecasts