6.2 – Get Sentiment History




Params Values
Nameidstring“nameid” will be concat of class type and id. eg: x_<id> where x is: c: company (in case of company, the result would be single company data)in: indexpl: placecm: <commodity> eg: cm_51top : topic multiple nameid’s can be specified in csv format  
start_datestringThe start date In format YYYY/MM/DD Default  is  “today”  
end_datestringIn format YYYY/MM/DD Default is  90 days from start date  
ndaysnumberDefault is  90 days from date
last_updatenumbervalues: 0 means, there is no valid last updated data In case of any non-zero value, the response will have valid “data” only if the current data at the server is newer than the last updated version reported by the client.  
timezoneStringBy default timezone  is Europe/Berlin. The possible values are: •          America/New_York •          Asia/Singapore •          Europe/Berlin


200{ last_update: <integer timestamp> value ‘0’ will return current data data: [ { name:<company name> ticker:<company ticker> start_date: <YYYY/MM/DD> end_date: <YYYY/MM/DD> sentiment: [       {           high: <score in range 0 – 10>            low: <score in range 0 – 10>            sentiment: <score in range 0 – 10>             buzz: <score in range 0 – 10>             date: <DD/MM/YYYY>        }         … , …  ] }, { name:<company name> ticker:<company ticker>   …  } ] } where ; sentiment data is in ascending date format The first element is the max date (start date)The last element is the min date (end date) sentiment = “0” means no data was found for the date